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During the lease contract for group A, B, C, D vehicles, the leaseholder must have domestic license or a license with international competency and he or she must be 20 years old and above.


It is at least 1 day. Special rates are applied for monthly or annual rentals.
In case of delay, 3/1 of the price applies is charged for each additional hour. Delays exceeding 3 hours in total are calculated as full days.


Prices include oiling, maintenance, insurance against third parties (within the legal policy boundary). 18% VAT (VAT) is included. Fuel belongs to the leaseholder. Service with driver and translator guide are available on request.


The total rental fee will be collected at the delivery of the vehicle by cash or credit card. 
A deposit of 150 euro is required from the international passengers from whom valid passport and flight information have been taken. In the absence of a passport, you may be required to submit documents such as a certificate of income or a signature circular or tax certificate of the workplace that you have recently worked at.


All of our vehicles are 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 models with full rent a car automobile insurance. (Financial Liability Insurance).
The price specified on our site includes the automobile insurance.


If the reservation you made is approved by us, Sabihagökcenrentacar staff is obliged to meet you and deliver the vehicle at the place and time you indicated on your reservation form. If you want to deliver the vehicle you have rented at any address outside the delivery area or from any other location within the city, an extra 25 Euro delivery fee is charged. This fee changes if it is out of town. The daily mileage limit is 150 km for vehicles rented with the special offer price. Extra price difference is requested if you are over the km limit when you return it. There is no mileage limit at the rental price and during summer season. Delivery to Ataturk airport is 25 euros.

TRAFFIC FINES Traffic fines belong to the renter.

Our vehicles cannot be taken abroad.


In order to be able to pass over bridges, highways and toll roads, by T.C.K. legislation, OGS device or HGS ticket is required. All of our vehicles have an OGS device. You can buy unlimited OGS from our staff at the rate of OGS fee you have spent or supply HGS ticket. The OGS fee is not included in the rental rate.At least 15 euros are charged for the users who do not pay OGS while returning of the vehicle.