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    7/24 Quick Reservation

    You can easily make a reservation via our web site. At the same time you can activate your membership automatically, so you can quickly reach without waiting. No other vehicle except for the vehicle you request arrives; you do not encounter extra surprises.

    The New Model Well Maintained Vehicles

    All our fleet vehicles are renewed with new models every year. All periodical maintenance is done with original products fully and completely before its time. They are equipped with wheels suitable for the season.

    7/24 Fast Delivery

    We will meet you on time at the exact time you specify at the desired location. Thanks to the complete information given to us, you receive your vehicle at a maximum of 10 minutes with payment and contract processing. You never encounter extra charges that have not been mentioned before.

    Vehicles With Full Automobile Insurance and Guarantee

    Our vehicles are insured separately for each of our customers. You will not encounter any procedure other than the conditions on our website. All mechanical parts of our vehicles are covered by our warranty except for user errors.

    7/24 free roadside assistance

    No matter where you are in Turkey, in case of accident, breakdown, etc., our technical service field crews reach you and solve your problems to you for a maximum of 120 min. In the event of breakdown or accident repair exceeding 24 hours, you will be provided with a new vehicle.


    For bridge and toll highway transit, all of our tools have the Hgs ticket. During booking or delivery, you can either buy unlimited HGS or you pay as much as you use during the return of the vehicle. You do not pay an extra fee for HGS and OGS devices.


    Since 1998, we have been one of the oldest companies in the official patented sector that is actively under the supervision of the competent state authorities, we are in the service of our valued customers with 15 different delivery points and the joint works that we carry out with more than 150 overseas and domestic tourism agencies.



    All of our vehicles are new and registered in the name our company. There are many vehicles in each segment. In this way,you do not encounter a vehicle other than the one you have booked and you will not have surprises.